Wednesday, 15 July 2009

Kelly & Marc

A very wet Haigh Hall yet again, I should have posted this one a bit sooner but thing have been very hectic, here I go again talking about the weather when everyone else is talking about the recession. Just about everyone asks me how am I finding it and is it affecting me. To be truthful, I’ am as busy as ever with loads of interest in my completely new Digital Design Albums which are stunning, in fact in the last fortnight I’ve taken four bookings for these Design Albums which is fantastic, but more to the point shows what great value for money they are in these tight times.

Tuesday, 14 July 2009

Nikki & Stuart

Congratulations Stuart & Nikki

Tuesday the 7 July was wet and wild, however we managed to dodge the rain and the wind at the Holy Trinity Church Garswood,

Reception was at the Crown pub at Worthington, which was dressed to impress with red roses being order of the day.

Very Nice.

Wednesday, 1 July 2009

Gemma & David

I said to Gemma & David "lets keep it beautifully simple, and create simply beautiful pictures" and thats what we did. starting at Gemma's and then spending the whole day at Haigh Hall.

Great Days Shoot

Julie & Anthony

I have waited two years to photograph this wedding, and was it worth the wait, it was pure enjoyment from start to finish.
Anthony has a larger than life personality and once seen never forgotten. Julie, well nothing phases her even when the flowers turn up late, she just never stops smiling. "Great Wedding"

Alex & Suzanne

What a fabulous location, Ferraris at Longridge Preston, the theme was great with all the colours matching the VW Split Screen Bus.

Photos were good as well.